Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hot off the Press... Beth Ditto's collection goes live

I'm not really around, but I had to pop in to give you the heads up. Beth Ditto's collection for Evans is available online now, and in stores when they open!

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posted by Marianne at 08:00


Blogger Rhia said...

Have to say that there wasn't many items in her collection I would actually wear. Her style is very different to mine. However she is interesting personality and gotta admit that some of her photos were rather ... extraordinary =)

12 July 2009 21:21  
Blogger Diamonds said...

Love her!

12 January 2010 06:03  
Blogger LivingPlusSize said...

I'm a fan of her designs, but they can be hard to fit into a lot of styles I like to wear. That makes shopping more fun, because finding different trends to mix and match means more time shopping!

17 March 2010 05:16  

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