Monday, 1 December 2008

Goodie Bag - Online fashion inspiration

The Goodie Bag feature is where I host little contests and promotions, which give you a chance to bag yourself something nice and add some cheer to your day.

In this week's Goodie Bag are:
  • Sweeties from Topshop
  • Cute pink ladybug purse
  • Funky casette player necklace from Punky Pins
  • A skulls and crossbones leather bangle from Torrid
Happy Monday to all of you!

This week's Goodie Bag question is an easy one. I just want to know where in the world of the interwebs, you find your fashion inspiration. I am of course especially looking for plus size fashion inspiration, but that doesn't mean only sites specifically catering for plus size girls will do - inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.

To be in for a chance to win this Goodie Bag, comment on this entry and let me know your favourite, most inspiring fashion sites and blogs. As a bonus, if you link back to this entry, you will be entered into the draw twice.

This contest closes on Friday 5th December at 5pm GMT. I'll draw the winner later on Friday night, and will aim to announce it on Saturday.


posted by Marianne at 07:00


Blogger Elean said...

I read many fashion blogs and most of them are not plus size fashion, but it still inspires me. :) I also like to read some good fashion magazines like Glamour - its fashion tips are pretty easy, simple and not too expensive.

There are not too many plus size fashion icons around. I don't really know many.. Chloe Agnew is one of them though, check out on Youtube. :) She's beautiful, talented, very sweet and has an angelic voice! (In some of her videos her style is too mature though, maybe bad stylist?? She's a young girl after all.)

01 December 2008 07:22  
Blogger MouMou said...

Blogeista! Ja yksittäisiä mainitakseni Nelliinalta.:)

Ps. Ihana Goodie Bag!!<3

01 December 2008 09:25  
Blogger Salla said...

Blogeista, muotilehdistä (olivia on lemppari!) ja style.comista!

01 December 2008 09:40  
Blogger Marianne said...

Girls, I'm looking for actual links to sites, not just general 'blogs and magazines' answers. :D Should have made myself clearer I suppose!

01 December 2008 09:42  
Blogger said...

Obviously inspired by all the cuteness in the goodie bag I must enter! ;) My biggest inspiration comes from friends and funnily enough people out and about, mostly on the public transport in London.

But I also love how Old Navy ( puts together their look books, now if they only would start to ship to UK! :D

01 December 2008 10:09  
Blogger Bisquits said...

Fashion magazines, fashion blogs, people on the street...

01 December 2008 11:25  
Blogger Missu said...

I don't have any links, unfortunately, because I get inspiration all over the place. but I keep an "inspiration" folder on my harddrive where I save all the truly "got to try that!" pics I find in the web.

02 December 2008 10:29  
Blogger Suvi said...

I find my inspiration mainly from blogs, unfortunately there aren't too many plus-sized girls with blogs, but here are my favourites:
Beauuuutiful girl with amazing clothes, my main source of inspiration even though I don't speak french ;)
Alegra is just sweeet :)
Just an amazing blog!

And last but not least
Beautiful clothes :)

Is this enough links, Marianne? ;)

02 December 2008 13:25  
Blogger Minttu said...

Blogeja seuraan ja niistä saa hyviä vinkkejä. Lehdet on myös hyvä inspiraation lähde. :)

02 December 2008 17:23  
Blogger Low Cost High Style said... Is definately the blog I always go to for inspiration. She has amazing style and knows how to use the clothes she has in a million different ways :) I have used tons of her outfits in making my own fashion inspiration notebook also. ~Kendra~

03 December 2008 18:39  
Blogger Jana said...

Most of the plus size fashion blogs that i read are already mentioned here.
I get a lot of my (plus size) fashion inspiration from polyvore. There are a couple groups for plus size fashion and i like these two a lot:

And its a lot a fun to create a own set of outfits

04 December 2008 08:07  
OpenID lady-midnite said...

I get some of my fashion inspiration from Fatshionista over on Live Journal (, Manolo for the Big Girl (, Big Fat Deal(, Pretty Pear (, Don't Tell Me What Size I Must Be (

05 December 2008 04:06  
Blogger Onírica said...

Hi :). For plus size fashion inspiration i love to read the Fatshionista blog (www.fatshionista) and specially take a look at Lesley's flickr ( and the fatshionista photo pool in general ( and also manolo for the big girl (www.manolobig), the rotund (, etc.
Cheers! :) Tamara

05 December 2008 06:33  
Blogger C said...

muotiblogeista, varsinkin music is my boyfriendistä ja mariannan-blogista =)

05 December 2008 12:30  

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