Tuesday, 2 December 2008

DIVA of the Week - Fig

DIVA of the week is a feature that showcases people with an inspirational personal style. DIVA of the week is someone who's not afraid to have fun with clothes and who dresses to please herself, and in doing so, brightens up everyone else's day.

Fig 49

How would you describe your personal style?
Colourful, dramatic, eclectic, playful and comfortable. I love feminine dresses with a vintage vibe; big, loud, obnoxious prints; brogues and ballet flats; floaty chiffon teamed with denim; coloured tights; bangles, baubles and big shiny beads. I also think the shrug is quite possibly the greatest invention of the 21st Century. While I’m passionate about clothes, I’m more ambivalent about fashion. Being plus-sized in the UK makes one something of a fashion outlaw by default. In order to find your style you learn to be inventive and resourceful. I’m an unrepentant hoarder, snapping up clothes that make my heart sing when I see them – regardless of when or where I’m likely to wear them or whether I have something to wear them with. Sometimes a garment might not make its début for a year or two, which can make for some pretty idiosyncratic combinations – but, to be honest, that suits me; I’ve never liked following the herd.

What are you wearing today?
The 80s coat is from Oxfam and the velvet and plaid taffeta snood-like hat-type thingy from a late, lamented hat store Dyzrhythmia. Bag is H & M, bought second hand; pink thermal gloves, pink tights and vintage Liberty’s scarf were gifts. Vintage brooch on coat, and Scandinavian silver and enamel daisy brooch on sweater, belonged to my friend Jude’s mum. The red and pink dichroic glass earrings were bought at a craft fair aeons ago. My black patent brogues are from Clarks, about 15 years old. Red wrap-around sweater, Monsoon, as is the turquoise top underneath. Tweed skirt, Windsmoor.


If you want to be featured as DIVA of the Week, send a good quality photograph, preferably taken outside, and answers to the questions: 'Name/Age/Location', 'How would you describe your personal style?', and 'What are you wearing today (in the picture)?' to diva [at] divalookbook.com.

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posted by Marianne at 07:00


Blogger Maritzia said...

*laughs* My personal style is middle-aged frumpy. When I get dressed up, it's more of the aging hippy look.

But that's ok, because I'm happy with me *and* my style.

04 December 2008 17:51  
Blogger tescosuicide said...

I so do want that skirt (but we've got no Windsmoor over here). Also, the cap is class.

04 December 2008 18:50  

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