Tuesday, 4 November 2008

DIVA of the Week - Cynara

DIVA of the week is a feature that showcases people with an inspirational personal style. DIVA of the week is someone who's not afraid to have fun with clothes and who dresses to please herself, and in doing so, brightens up everyone else's day.

Cynara 25
Winnipeg, Canada

How would you describe your personal style?
I am always trying to move forward and evolve. The only thing consistent about my personal style is that it's constantly changing, always in flux. It's kind of a sickness really, an addiction to the point where i won't wear the same outfit twice. I do have staple pieces, but I will always change tights or accessories or--at the very least-- jewellery, to avoid repetition, I used to believe in all the so-called "rules" put forth by "style experts" on makeover shows, ridiculous things like "don't mix prints, wear horizontal stripes, a-line silhouette only" etc etc now I take great joy and satisfaction in flouting the rules. I like unexpected colour and texture combinations, bold prints, and playing with layers and proportions.

What are you wearing today?
I'm wearing a houndstooth sweater skirt by Le Chateau. The cardigan is george line at Walmart and the tee is Old Navy. Tights are from welovecolors and the mj/booty hybrids Anne Ross via Chacha Shoes. The flower pin is from Holt outlet.


If you want to be featured as DIVA of the Week, send a good quality photograph, preferably taken outside, and answers to the questions: 'Name/Age/Location', 'How would you describe your personal style?', and 'What are you wearing today (in the picture)?' to diva [at] divalookbook.com.

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Blogger Carla S. P. said...

I love how it makes her look so fresh :)

04 November 2008 11:42  
Blogger Sassy Sarah said...

I love that houndstooth skirt! It make such a great impact, and pairing that up with the bright colors of the top and tights really works. Very nice :)

04 November 2008 12:04  

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